Has your closet gotten out of hand? If you’re struggling to find things or running out of space and need a more functional closet, these closet improvement options listed below can help. Remember, only store what you love.

Keep or Donate?

How much of your closet space is dedicated to what you can wear right now? Are you keeping things that no longer fit? Clothes guilt is a destructive force. If you spent a great deal on an item or got it on sale, you may feel bad getting rid of it. However, holding on to clothes that you can’t or don’t wear is a great way to waste your closet space. Set up a sorting station that includes a black trash bag for garbage, a white trash bag for donations and a box for what you want to keep. If you plan to try to sell some things, take pictures and post the item as you sort. The goal is to completely empty your closet so you can add storage tools.

Install Racks and Shelves

Adding shelving to your closet can greatly increase your storage options as you put back the things you really want to keep. If you don’t have the money for a custom closet set up, be aware that you can build great custom closet storage shelving with plain shelves from the home store and brackets that include a closet rod hook. Every shelf then becomes a spot that you can hang things from.

Use Compression Cubes

If you have to store multiple seasons in one closet, make sure you clear space on your shelving for compression cubes. These useful tools let you pack away sweaters in the spring and shorts in the fall. Then you can either use a hand pump or a vacuum to draw out air and pack the bag down small. Then these bags can live on top shelves or be stored in a hard-to-reach closet area. Compression cubes are the easiest way to save on space and keep everything in the bag nice and organized. These tools can also help you make sure your clothes are wearing evenly. If you have a go-to shirt that’s looking a little tired and want to branch out, pack away the go-to pieces and explore your other clothes. 

Imagine opening your closet and finding that every garment in there fits well, has a spot to live and is ready for you to wear. This is the power of a well-organized closet.
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