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The High Price of Clutter

by | Nov 23, 2015 | House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

How much does it cost YOU?

Clutter in your living space can cost you not just time, but money and even happiness. PetalSweet Cleaning can help you reap the social, emotional and monetary benefits that make yous house a tidy home.

SOCIAL LIFE: Do you invite people into your home?

DOWN TIME: Do you feel relaxed in your home at the end of a busy day?

CASH FLOW: Do you buy duplicates because you lose things?

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USABLE SPACE: Do you use your garage for its intended purpose?

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1. To Provide A Better Overall Cleaning Experience: On the surface this sounds easy, but it took time to perfect our craft. Let us show you what makes us a stand out from the competition.

2. To Ensure Quality, Reliability, and Integrity:  Our excellent customer service, high quality cleaning services, and communication with our clients separates us from our competitors.  From hiring our staff to choosing our cleaning products, we insist on achieving a perfect fit.

3. To Deliver Unparalleled Individualized Service:  Our philosophy carries over to our relationships with our clients – part of ensuring a perfect fit is for clients to understand who we are and the services we provide.

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