People worry, with good reason, that a home improvement project will turn into a much bigger commitment than they originally wanted. While some projects are more long term, it’s possible to stick to simple improvements instead. In fact, your home can be utterly transformed through the incorporation of just a few simple tricks.

Choose a Good Color Scheme

The right colors can transform a room from bleak and boring to bright and full of character. The color scheme that you choose depends on what kind of mood you want to portray in your home, however. According to My Move, different colors create different feelings—warmer colors tend to raise the overall energy in the room while cooler tones tend to make the room feel calmer. For example, painting a room yellow generally makes the space feel happier. Painting a room blue can help you relax in your own space. White adds space in your mind’s eye.

Once you have the wall colors, then you can choose complementary accent colors for the furniture and décor. You can choose colors from the same color family and add in metallic accents like silver, bronze, or gold.

Change Up Your Lighting

You can entirely transform a room just by upgrading your lighting systems. That said, every room should not have the same approach when it comes to lighting. According to Helius Lighting, you will want to consider the purpose of different rooms and how the lighting will affect it. The two main types of lighting you can choose from are bright lighting and mood lighting. You should use bright lighting in places like the bathroom where you need to be able to see everything you are doing. Mood lighting can be used in places that you want a more relaxed feel. For example, your living room would benefit from mood lighting. In rooms where you want more versatility, you can install a light switch with a dimmer.

Deep Clean Floors

Some parts of your home are not necessarily outdated but could benefit from a deep cleaning. This is something true especially with both hardwood and carpeted flooring. With hardwood floors, you can improve their appearance by polishing the wood and restoring it to its original shine and color. Polishing will also help cover up any scratches on the floor. For carpeting, Popular Mechanics says you can use a steam cleaner to wash out years of dirt and stains while helping the carpet not be matted down anymore.

Your home’s appearance can either add to or take away from your comfort. If you need a change, but don’t have the budget for a large remodel, you still have options. With a few simple tricks, you can transform your home without investing a lot of money or time!

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