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Should You Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

by | May 5, 2017 | House Cleaning Tips & Tricks, Petal Sweet Cleaning

5 Indicators It’s Time To Say Yes!

I would never manage my retirement fund or replace my worn out fan belt in my car. I’d hire those jobs out to a professional! But clean my house? I watched my grandmother clean her house every week, hardly dirty and always clean. She worked full time as a nurse and her weekends were for house cleaning… every week. I grew up thinking that weekly cleaning was part of my grownup life, my responsibility. But let’s be real. Like most of us, I don’t have enough hours in the day. Work, spouse, kids, community time, exercise and sleep all compete for what I can give in 24 hours, and none of these should be traded for cleaning the house. Help! Is it time to turn the house cleaning over to the professionals? Here are five indicators that it is time to say ‘Yes!’

YOU HATE CLEANING. Acknowledge that you didn’t get the cleaning gene and stop trying to be good at something you’re not. Celebrate what you are good at.

YOU RESENT EVERYONE ELSE NOT CLEANING. How can Husbands go play golf when there’s all of this cleaning to do? How can Teenagers just leave without cleaning their room like I asked? Poor me! Create less stress at home.

YOU’RE LOSING MONEY. What’s your time worth? Does your need to clean house cut into the time you could be earning Does it cut into your down time, time with family and friends, doing things you love? Get an online free estimate for a professional house cleaning right now and check the cost benefits.

YOU CLEAN UP REGULARLY. If you’re generally fairly neat and keep things picked up, you can manage the cost of a maid serve by having them focus on the tough jobs, the ones you probably hate. Straighten and tidy yourself. But pay for the floors, the bathrooms, the baseboards, the kid’s rooms. The pros are better and faster at is than you are! Clean-UP (but don’t clean) before the maid comes.

YOU WANT TO LOVE BEING HOME. You know how good a sandwich tastes when someone makes it for you? That’s like maid service. It’s that great big happy sigh of relief you’ll exhale when you walk into your house, after a long day and everything is… clean.. by someone else. Put your feet up. Smile at your kids. Love your clean home.

At PetalSweet Cleaning, we clean because you have better things to do with your time.

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Article Provided By: The Women’s Journal: Cleveland and Medina County.