Petal Sweet Cleaning continues to be a leader in the residential and commercial cleaning industry and has developed a cleaning process and system that we believe will help keep our clients and their spaces clean and healthy.

We will continue to provide cleaning services as legally permitted – with enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures. We are also monitoring the current medical crisis very closely and will adjust, adapt and comply as necessary to keep our staff, clients and community safe.

We have been researching various disinfecting products and solutions that we can provide our clients to help keep them safe. One product we are very eager to get is an EPA approved, hospital grade cleaning solution that claims to kill viruses including Covid-19 in 15 seconds and creates a barrier for 21 days. More info will be forthcoming. Other options include adding an additional day or two per week of cleaning – several of our clients have done this as well.  We will expand on this further in the next few days.

Please note our regular products do disinfect; however, given the current situation and level we all need to be protected these specific products are better, to ensure the safety of everyone.

What additional safety measures have we taken at Petal Sweet Cleaning Service?

  • Petal Sweet Cleaning Service and all staff are following the guidelines provided by the Ohio Department of Health and the CDC.
  • We will under no circumstances allow any employee that is sick or doesn’t feel well, has any flu-like symptoms or who have sick family members to work.
  • Cleaning technicians are following all of the CDC guidelines and are washing their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. They are also wearing gloves as an extra precaution.
  • As always, towels are always clean and sanitized as well as all other cleaning supplies.
  • We have implemented strict social distancing policies, and most of our staff works remotely in a solo cleaner capacity, again reducing their interaction with one another and the public at large.

Why is cleaning VITAL right now?
When a surface is soiled or dirty, it provides a perfect breeding ground for pathogens to adhere to and thrive. A thoroughly cleaned surface makes it much harder for a pathogen like the Covid-19 to adhere to. Right now we know that it likes metals, plastics, and solid non-porous surfaces best. It does not adhere well to vertical surfaces but settles and remains on horizontal surfaces for up to 3 days depending on the type of surface. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces regularly is an important deterrent to the incidental spread of Covid-19.

In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings, we will be offering a low-cost disinfection option that you can utilize between full cleaning visits. We will provide more information on this service soon.

Thank you,
Jesica Noftz, CEO