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New Year, New You, New Friends

by | Dec 28, 2016 | House Cleaning Tips & Tricks, Petal Sweet Cleaning

Provided By Claire Broome

It always helps to share your New Year’s resolution with someone you trust. With a friend, you actually join that gym or start volunteering instead of just hoping you might. But what if this year your goal is to maintain a consistently clean house? If you want to enjoy the peace of mind and pride that come with a well-kept living space, make PetalSweet Cleaning your ally.

Most cleaning services are, at best, casual acquaintances. At PetalSweet, we form lasting relationships with our clients—we not only take the care you would in tidying, scrubbing and polishing your
home, but in getting to know your pets and family too.

And as friends do, we want to share secrets with you … whether you’re looking to get rid of grunge or just organize a bit, you’ll find tips below to help keep your fresh start going well after January first.

• GET WARM AND FUZZY. Indulge your dog or cat with a bit of extra petting and brushing each day and you may find you both feel lighter. Well-groomed animals shed less, which means less vacuuming, fewer hairballs and maybe even some lint relief for your washer and dryer.

• INVEST IN A BREATHER. Kitchens and bathrooms can collect fumes and moisture. Greasy or damp-smelling spots are already unappealing, but smoke and mold buildup can also be bad for your health. Up-to-date range hoods and vents keep things aired out, inviting and healthy.

• FALL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. Updating or re-purposing a room (it can be something as simple as new throw pillows or as involved as creating a crafting space) can fuel enthusiasm to keep it spruced up. When you enjoy the surroundings you’ve created, it’s second-nature to make sure they continue to look nice.

• LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD. Despite advertisers’ massive shift to digital venues, chances are there’s still a ton of junk mail headed to your house. The Federal Trade Commission provides painless steps to opt out of prescreened credit and insurance offers, as well as commercial mailings from many national companies. If it can’t get to your mailbox, it can’t collect on your counter.

• NOBODY’S PERFECT. The thing about a living space is, well, people live in it! Try to keep in mind that dirt and clutter inevitably happen—if you focus on managing them rather then banishing them, chances are you (and everyone in your home) will feel less frustrated or overwhelmed, and more likely to tackle tidying tasks on a regular basis.

And of course, it’s always okay to ask for help. PetalSweet Cleaning’s owner Jesica Wilfong knows exactly how difficult it can be to manage house cleaning in addition to work, family, and whatever else life throws your way—that’s why she started this exceptional company. Call 330.635.2294 to schedule your cleaning today!


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