Discovering a pest in your home can quickly ruin your day. Especially once you realize that, by the time you find pests, they’ve likely invaded your home in large numbers already. Keeping a clean home and monitoring your building regularly can help make sure this nightmare does not come true!

Do Regular Weekly Cleaning

According to Fox Pest, a good way to keep pests at bay is by sticking to a regular weekly house cleaning schedule. Once a week you should clean your bathrooms and scrub toilets, sinks, and showers and tubs. Dust surfaces, window blinds, picture frames and furniture to prevent dust mites. Spray and wipe down surfaces to keep bacteria and viruses from growing. Sweep and vacuum floors. Don’t forget about the exterior of your home either, clear your gutters and remove debris in your yard that may look like a home to a pest.

Clean After Cooking

Cooking can leave you with crumbs on your kitchen surfaces and oil splatters on your cooktop. Cleaning after you cook, however, can help keep bugs and other critters away. Proterra Pest Control explains that leaving crumbs out is a sure way to attract ants into your home. Not cleaning up your kitchen in a reasonable time after cooking allows the smell of these things to attract bugs and other pests. Put away food, wash your dishes including pots, pans, and cooking utensils, and wipe down surfaces and cooking apparatuses. As bugs often enter your home looking for water as well, make sure your drains are cleared and not backed up.

Seal Openings in Your Home

Pests, especially small ones, can find an easy way into your home through cracks, so inspect your exterior and interior walls to look for any cracks or larger openings that could be appealing to pests. Pests In the Home recommends you seal these openings appropriately to keep bugs, insects, and larger animals out. Check windows for any gaps that need to be filled or any other obvious openings along the foundation of your home. Insects and bugs look for these openings to come into your home. And finally, check for gaps and other openings at your exterior doors. Install door sweeps or weather stripping at the bottom of all of your doors.

Preventing pests in your home is easier than you may think. Limiting where in your home you consume food can make it easier to clean up crumbs and prevent pests. Keep things clean and seal up your home to give pests and critters less inducement to become unwanted house guests!

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