While it’s true that not all pests like a messy home, there are certain ones who do, like mice and rats. If you want to help keep your home pest-free, daily cleaning is a must.

Clean Up After Dinner

After dinner cleanup is extremely important. Most pests like to come out at night when no one is around, but if there isn’t any food for them to eat and no other messes to get into, they’ll to find other places to set up camp. Do dishes after dinner, and wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen. Bleach will kill germs, in the instance you already have pests in the home.

Take Care of Your Floors

It’s important to sweep, vacuum and mop daily to prevent pests in your home. If it seems like a lot of work, invest in a good vacuum that can work on carpet and hard surfaces. In this way, you’ll remove crumbs and brush carpet fibers to remove other debris. Light mopping is all that you need to remove stains. Consider professional carpet cleaning services at least once a year for deep cleaning.

Keep up on Laundry

You don’t want to leave laundry laying about. It’s better to wash it daily, but if you need to wash your laundry weekly, it’s better to have laundry baskets that allow clothes to breathe. You don’t want wet laundry to sit all week. Besides collecting mildew, it will attract pests like centipedes.

Ventilate Well

Ensuring the home has adequate air ventilation isn’t so much about daily cleaning, but you don’t want your home to be too humid. proper air flow will prevent centipedes, scorpions, or other moisture-loving critters from entering your home.

Reduce Clutter

Pests like clutter in a home. It gives them extra places to hide, find pieces of food within the mess, and they make their nests out of whatever is laying about. Youll need to reduce clutter in the home before you can commit to regular cleaning. According to experts from Preventative Exterminators, there are a few key clutter-related things you can do to make your home less appealing to pests:

  • rid the exterior of your home of any large piles of leaves, wood, or anything else
  • repair holes and cracks in your home that may allow a rodent to gain entrance
  • remove bird feeders and any other food in your yard that may attract rodents
  • make sure garbage outside and inside your home is tightly sealed

Plastic storage bins are an excellent option for storing away items without fear of pests getting into them. As explained by CentralVac, a good general rule to keep in mind when getting rid of clutter is to make use of vertical space: “Choose furniture with legs and make use of tall bookshelves.” By making good use of shelving and other such storage, you incentivize yourself to keep whatever stuff you do have at the edges of the room, out of your way.

Straighten Up

After you have reduced your clutter, it’s important to commit to daily tidying. This will prevent clutter, and pests don’t like it when humans constantly move things within the home. Get the whole family involved in putting things away in the right places.

There isn’t much to keeping pests out of the home, but it does require diligence. Once you have committed to regular cleaning, it’ll become much easier to do. Don’t have the time? Hire Petal Sweet Cleaning to make having a consistently clean home a breeze. Choose the plan that works best for you here.