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7 Ways to Get the Best from Your Cleaning Service

by | Feb 2, 2015 | House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

7 ways to get the best from your cleaning serviceI hear from so many people who have been disappointed after hiring a cleaning service or individual to clean their home. The number one complaint I’ve heard is how the quality of the work declines over time. People get complacent, they get in a hurry, or they just stop noticing the details. Frustration sets in and then the search for a new cleaner begins. Here are some tips on how to get the best out of your cleaning service:
  1. Make sure you communicate your expectations thoroughly.
  2. Be sure you are familiar with the scope of work provided by your cleaning service.
  3. Don’t hesitate to mention something that needs more attention or that’s not quite up to your standards or expectations. This can be done in a positive and beneficial way.
  4. Present complaints in an appreciative and supportive manner.
  5. Balance requests for more or better effort with a few kind words about something else that’s being done well.
  6. Don’t let issues build up. It’s a good idea to state your complaint right away so it can be corrected before it becomes a problem. If you wait until it’s happened over and over, you’ll weaken your own credibility.
  7. Keep communication open. You will make huge strides in positive motivation if you make it clear that you are open to feedback.
From hiring our staff to choosing our cleaning products, we are big believers in achieving a perfect fit. Our philosophy carries over to our relationships with our clients. Part of ensuring a perfect fit is for clients to understand who we are and the service we provide.